Pleasures For Free

  • Oh the joy of springtime
  • Blossom on the trees
  • Perfumes of natures garden
  • Drifting on the breeze
  • A gentle flowing babbling brook
  • As clear as crystal glass
  • A big old oak to rest upon
  • On a blanket of sweet amelling grass
  • A secluded bay with golden sands
  • Waves lapping at your feet
  • Whispered voices of couples
  • As they bask in the summer heat
  • Autumn then is on it’s way
  • Leaves come tumbling down
  • A multitued of colours
  • Red and gold and brown
  •  Soft snow flakes on window panes
  • Frost sparkling like starlight
  • Wrapped up warm and cosy
  • on a chilly winters night
  • All of this is taken
  • Without a second thought
  • Mother natures gift to us
  • That hasn’t to be bought
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About gskelton

I am a sixty two year old wife mother and grandmother . A member of the senior scribblers writting group in Sunderland england. I also enjoy cooking and socialising with friends. I read quite a lot mainly in the catherine cookson style . One of my favorite authers is Rita Bradshaw. Holidays in Benidorm are a regular occurance for myself and my wonderful Husband Alf of 44 years

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