Childhood Memories of Roker and Seaburn

The summer always seemed to be hot when I was a child.Mum would pack a bag with sandwiches, pop and flasks of tea and we would head off to the beach. A blanket was spread out onto the golden sand ready for our picnic. Wrapped in towels we quickly changed into our bathing costumes. Dad rolled up his trouser legs and took us down to the waters edge to paddle, shouting with delight as the water lapped at our toes. The white waves drifting in on a sapphire blue sea. The cat and dog steps a popular meeting place were packed with people sunbathing and chatting happily together. Sitting on the blanket  we ate egg and tomato sandwiches, which always got covered in sand.Drinking thirstily from the bottles of pop that had turned warm from the heat of the  sun. Yet everything tasted wonderful.

Pink and white striped stalls lined up along the beach , selling seafood,candy floss,toffee apples,rock, and of course fish and chips. We collected buckets full of the bright shiney pebbles that were in abundance. A multitude of different shapes and sizes. A donkey ride was always a must and I would stand in line patiently awaiting my turn. Mum said I wanted to take the donkeys home. Dried and dressed with everything packed up we headed to the fairground.The loud music from the rides ringing in our ears. Dodgem cars,roundabouts,helter skelter,coconut shies with men shouting rollup roll up. You could win a goldfish if you were lucky. I liked the horses that went up and down. I would spend all my pocket money sitting smiiing at mum and dad as I went round and round. The lake at Roker park had little boats that looked like ducks.which you could hire for half an hour.Happy and tired our last stop was the fish and chip stall. We would all get a bag of chips covered in salt and vinegar, which we ate with a little wooden fork.Slowly walking along the lovely promenade to catch the bus home, I thought how lucky I was. Happy days childhood memories of times gone by.

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I am a sixty two year old wife mother and grandmother . A member of the senior scribblers writting group in Sunderland england. I also enjoy cooking and socialising with friends. I read quite a lot mainly in the catherine cookson style . One of my favorite authers is Rita Bradshaw. Holidays in Benidorm are a regular occurance for myself and my wonderful Husband Alf of 44 years

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